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Skeletal Health

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Osteoporosis is a growing healthcare crisis affecting millions of women and men worldwide. Fortunately, bone density testing is safe and non-invasive, and when osteoporosis is detected early, it is treatable.

Hologic is committed to developing world-class technologies that will help keep your patients’ bones healthy and strong so they can move freely and live life to the fullest. In 1986, we introduced the first dual-energy, X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) bone densitometer, establishing the gold standard in bone densitometry. We are once again setting the standard of care with our new Horizon DXA platform, an innovative family of densitometers that provides high quality images and critical diagnostic information all from a single platform. Horizon delivers what you need most when your patients’ health is in your hands: answers.


Hologic Skeletal Health Solutions

Hologic not only offers bone density equipment to help manage your patients’ bone health, but we also offer densitometers that can assess such critical health problems as obesity and cardiovascular disease.


New Horizon



BodyLogicTM Scans and Body Composition 

The BodyLogic scan, available on the Horizon™ DXA system, provides detailed measurements of the body by looking at bone density, lean mass, and fat mass. This information is critical for accurately assessing the state of a patient or athlete’s health and can help inform individual training programs for athletes, or aid in the design of customized weight loss programs.  To learn more about BodyLogic scans and the science of body composition for human performance and healthy weight loss visit